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Bullseye Pistol Competition - Rimfire "900" Match

  • 01/25/2014
  • 9:00 AM (CST)
  • Rifle & Pistol Bullseye Range
For this month - .rimfire only, 90 shots (30 slow-fire, 30 timed-fire, 30 rapid-fire). $5 per shooter.

If you like using a handgun to poke holes in paper with no earthly purpose except to see if you can, then Bullseye may be the sport for you. Standing (no support except your own body), holding your pistol with one hand, shooting at targets 25 & 50 yards away. Even with generous sized targets it should be clear that “Bullseye” refers to the general direction we are aiming at, not necessarily what we are hitting.

Performing at even a mediocre level requires a strong focus on the fundamentals of shooting well - sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control. No matter how you score, the skills developed shooting Bullseye carry over to all other shooting sports.

Of course it's hard - that's why we do it! A little worried about using only one hand? New shooters are welcome to use two hands - join us, have some fun, learn something!

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