High Power Rifle

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Welcome, since you're reading this, you are probably new to High Power Rifle competition. Don't worry about your first score, it's not important. Just handle your rifle safely, listen to and follow the range officer's commands and you'll be fine.


The National Match Course as we shoot it at MSA has 5 sighter shots in 5 minutes followed by four shooting stages:

  • Match No. 1 is 10 shots slow fire, standing, in 10 minutes.
  • Match No. 2 is 10 shots rapid fire, sitting with a mandatory reload, in 60 seconds.
  • Match no. 3 is 10 shots rapid fire, prone with a mandatory reload, in 70 seconds.
  • Match No. 4 is 20 shots slow fire, prone, in 20 minutes. In the slow fire stages (including all sighters) load one shot at a time.

In the rapid fire stages, we will start in the standing position, ready to load a clip or magazine of 2 or 5 rounds (depending on what kind of rifle you are shooting). On the LOAD command you will insert your clip or magazine of ammunition. With an M1 rifle, the bolt is closed and safety is on, with other rifles, the bolt is not closed until you commence firing. At the horn you will get into the shooting position, close your bolt and begin firing. Shoot the rounds you have loaded, reload the rifle and continue shooting until you hear the horn blow again. Often beginners will get caught up in the pace of rapid fire and shoot too fast. Try to pace yourself, and get your shots off at 3 to 4 second intervals. If you take your time aiming and firing, you should have a better score.



While all this seems like a lot to learn, in practice it is very simple and with a little experience, you will start shooting better scores. We ALWAYS welcome new shooters (especially juniors) and usually have loaner rifles available for those who would like to try the sport.


Matches are the usually held the 1st Saturday of each month excluding July and September; please refer to the MSA Calendar for details.


Call us, we would be happy to talk to you.

John Krenik - 432.661.4222; MSAHighPower@yahoo.com

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