Rifle & Pistol Range

4108 E. County Road 160

Midland, TX 79706

(432) 682-2332


What's Happening at the Rifle & Pistol Range!

03/24/2019 1:00 PM • Rifle & Pistol Range "B"
03/24/2019 2:00 PM • MSA Rifle & Pistol Range clubhouse
03/30/2019 8:00 AM • Rifle & Pistol Range Clubhouse
04/06/2019 9:30 AM • MSA Rifle & Pistol Range "B" (Range B closed until match completion)


Be sure to check out our R&P Range Policies. This top-notch facility consists of eight separate range areas:



Shooter provided paper targets with target stands set at 25 and 50 yards, this range is available for rifle, pistols, or shotguns (NO shot, slugs only).



Shooter provided paper targets with target stands set at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, this range is available for rifle, pistols, or shotguns (NO shot, slugs only).



Our little archery range. Paper and 3-dimensional targets, field points only!



Our largest rifle range. Shooter provided paper targets for target stands set at 100, 200, and 300 yards, plus steel plate targets at 300 and 500 yards.



Silhouettes are just more fun than most of us deserve. This range is for pistols of any caliber, or rim-fire rifles (NO center-fire rifles). Distances range from 25 yards to 200 meters (with several stops in between), and the targets are steel critter-shaped targets in a wide variety of sizes and types. This is one of our most popular ranges for new shooters and youngsters but don't let that fool you - anyone can have fun shooting silhouettes, but being good at it is as big a challenge as you're going to find.



Like a challenge? How about 12 inch x 18 inch steel targets at 500 meters? This range is a fantastic spot to test your ability to put it all together for long distance shooting. Rifles only, any center fire up to .45 caliber (no magnums over .30 caliber, no armor piercing, steel core, tracer or incendiary ammo.



Paper targets for pistols of any caliber or rim-fire rifles. A perfect spot for practicing for a concealed handgun license exam. Target stands are set at 3, 7, and 15 yards - the same distances that are used for the CHL test. Often called the "Bullseye Range" by the long-time members this range was originally designed for Bullseye competition, with turning targets at 25 and 50 yards. Interested in Bullseye competition? Volunteer!


Midland Shooters Rifle & Pistol Range


Midland Shooter's Rifle & Pistol Range is located about 5 miles south of Interstate 20 in Midland. Except for occasional (and fairly rare) maintenance closures the range is open to our members from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year. Not a member yet? Fix that here.




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Pistols only, with variable distances from point blank to about 30 yards. Each bay can accommodate from 2-8 shooters.



These flexible use bays give us a spot to shoot almost any firearm - pistols, rifles, or shotguns. These bays have no target stands - you bring your own targets. Milk jugs filled with colored water, water bottles, reactive targets...have fun but please be intelligent about your choice of targets, and be ready to clean up after yourself. NO glass, metal or other shard-producing materials, NO food products of any kind, NO aerial targets, NO incendiary or exploding targets.



It makes no difference if you are a novice, competitive shooter, or anywhere in between, we have a place for you! Interested in trying some competitive shooting? Contact a match director and find out how to get started (it's easier than you think). Questions? Contact any director or just stop by and chat with any of our volunteers.

Midland Shooters Association ~ PO Box 8767 ~ Midland, TX 79708-8767

Rifle/Pistol Range (432) 682-2332 ~ Shotgun Range (432) 617-3142

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