Bullseye Pistol

If you like using a handgun to poke holes in paper with no earthly purpose except to see if you can, then Bullseye (also known as NRA Precision Pistol) may be the sport for you. Traditionally Bullseye is shot standing (no support except your own body), holding your pistol with one hand, shooting at targets 25 & 50 yards away. Even with generous sized targets it should be clear that “Bullseye” refers to the general direction we are aiming at, not necessarily what we are hitting. Performing at even a average level requires a strong focus on the fundamentals of shooting well - sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control. No matter how you score, the skills developed shooting Bullseye carry over to all other shooting sports.

"Just for Fun" Bullseye Match

Here at MSA we shoot two separate matches simultaneously. On one side of the range a traditional Bullseye match, following NRA Precision Pistol rules, with scores turned in for classification. On the other side of the range a "Just for Fun" match, following the same course of fire but everything is shot at 25 yards and you can use two hands (or even rest the gun on a sandbag on the bench). The "Just for Fun" match is a great way to get started in Precision Pistol, without the need for a high-end target pistol and without the additional challenge of one-handed shooting.

Regular matches are usually held on the 4th Saturday of each month. Be sure to check the calendar for specifics.

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  • Read the official rulebook here.
  • Looking for more information? The most comprehensive site for Bullseye is http://bullseyepistol.com/.
  • Or check out the Bullseye Forum at http://www.bullseyeforum.net - look close and you'll find some videos and posts about MSA's Bullseye program!


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